DINO - Baby Boy Chocolate Gift Box

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Approx. Chocolate Weight:
1.6 Lbs.

The cave baby Dino chocolate gift box. One Dino money bank situated on the corner. An ensemble of cutely decorated chocolates with cave boy to celebrate the arrival of the new born baby boy with this distinctive and creative Dino theme basket arrangement.

*1.6 Pounds of Assorted Chocolates


*Coconut Balls

*Praline Almonds

*Wafer Chocolate

*Caramel Crisp

*Crushed Nuts Filling

*Praline Cigars

*NOTE: Chocolate may differ than shown based on current stock levels. Final chocolate weight will remain the same

 ***NOTE: This arrangement will be available assembled for orders that are marked for "Store Pickup or Messenger Service Delivery". If the order is bound for shipping the arrangement will come dis-assembled  in order to protect the content from being compromised during transit and handling. The customer needs to re-assemble it oneself upon receipt with the aid of the picture posted online.