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Rich Chocolates

Delicious, rich Belgian Chocolates that’ll make your mouth water

Sweets & Candies

Scrumptious sweets made with only the finest ingredients

Wrapped Goodies

Elegant, beautifully wrapped, and decorated chocolates for any special occasion


The Best Chocolates Around

Our Belgian chocolates are simply sinful and are luxurious treats to give as parting gifts or "just because."

We fill our rich milk and dark chocolates with a variety of delicious flavors and fillings to tempt your taste-buds. Our fillings include everything from cookies to almonds, to praline, fondant, broken nuts, caramel, apricots, wafers, pistachios, and more.

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We Don't Just Do Chocolate

Here at Mirelli, we also specialize in treats and candies like Mediterranean Delights, Jordan Almonds, Chocolate Cups, and Macarons.

We offer candied fruits, assorted baklava, marzipan, flavored nougat, and treats filled with dates, pistachios, apricots, fondant, honey, and more.