Dessert Decorations for Your Holiday Events: Part 2

Dessert Decorations for Your Holiday Events: Part 2

26th Nov 2016

At Mirelli Chocolatier, we know a thing or two about hosting a great holiday party. It’s all in the details, especially when it comes to the party favors. Whether you’re searching for customized options, ready-to-order decorated chocolates, or ideas to create your own, you want your guests to leave with something to remember the evening by. So we’re here to share some of our favorite fall decorations that can perhaps inspire you to create a fun and festive party favor for your next special event.

Our wide selection of colored metallic foil paper, decorated chocolates and embellishment makes it easy to come up with creative designs that will fit your party perfectly. From theme, color scheme and motif, you can create unique and individual pieces that have never been seen before! 

For example, take our Belgian Chocolate Bar in Coffee Brown Metallic Foil Wrapper. The wrapping paper has a smooth surface perfect for embellishments, decor or ribbons. The metallic finish in all our foil wrapping paper gives your decorated chocolate a beautiful shine. 

Attach our Belgian Chocolate Bar in Coffee Brown Metallic Foil Wrapper to our our Belgian Chocolate Baton in Copper Colored Metallic Foil Wrapper, for a pop of elegance, sophistication and fun! 

Adorn everything with holiday season embellishment, like the Leaf Shaped rhinestone brooch from FavorVillage, and you a one-of-a-kind party favor. 

Your creative options are endless! Visit Mirelli Chocolatier and FavorVillage for more.