Coffee’s New Best Friend

Coffee’s New Best Friend

30th Sep 2016

To a coffee lover, there’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting with your friends and chatting over espresso. Along with some good chocolate or some sweets, from Mirelli Chocolatier, and you have a perfect pairing for a wonderful afternoon.

But how do you incorporate such a delicious union into your wedding day or special event? Well, here at Mirelli Chocolatier, we’ve thought of a couple of ways you can combine your favorite cup of joe and our chocolates into your big day. Keep reading to see what some of our favorite party favor ideas that are simple, thoughtful and unique!

A Cup of Chocolate


Place mini espresso set at each table setting and fill the cup with Mirelli chocolatier’s Chocolate Covered Apricot 

Filled with Pistachio. Our Chocolate Covered Apricot Filled with Pistachio is a dried apricot dipped in gourmet Belgian milk chocolate and filled with chocolate covered roasted pistachios. The sweet treat is a journey of flavors from the 

very first taste on its own, but paired with your favorite cup of coffee it becomes a memorable adventure from the very first taste.

Have a Variety


Set up a self-serve station with different types of coffee, chocolates and sweets and let your guests taste something new. Provide a variety of different blends from different countries and chocolates with exotic flavors such as our Dark Chocolate Orange BonBons. A Belgian chocolate ball of orange-infused ganache fills a dark chocolate shell to delight your taste buds. Your guests will enjoy picking their favorites as well as trying something new.

There are so many ways to enjoy coffee and there are plenty of ways to let your wedding guests enjoy coffee too. At Mirellie Chocolatier, our chocolates are one way to spruce up your coffee-themed party favors. They are of course, great party favors that no guest will be able to resist.