Jordan Almonds Super Fine Shell / White / 16 OZ (454 G)

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Our roasted sugared almonds have a fine layer of sugar coating with a soft bite. Serve these unique and delicious treats at your engagement party or at your wedding event. Also the French and the Italians offer them to their guests during casual coffee get togethers. It is the universal treat that could be offered to your guests or enjoyed by you at any time and any occasion.  The vanilla aroma and the flavorful taste will dazzle your guests! It is a rarity and we can assure you not only will they appreciate it but they will love it too. Our sugared almonds are prepared by professional confectioners with meticulous care and expertise.

  • 16 oz. (approx. 140 pieces).
  • Comes in Blue, white, Ivory and Pink
  • Made in Lebanon.